Ánima is a work that mutates (as memories) in relation to the space and place where it is presented. In this new sense of the work, LIEBE, what interests me is to generate a cross between German and Argentine pasts, to intensify the idea of universal memory. Also the presence of Argentine past images in Berlin, is a way to generate a spiral circuit in relation to immigration - emigration, since many of the people to whom these memories belonged, came from Europe.
The installation is a group of layers and ambiguities that shapes the essence of memory. Opposite ambiguities intrinsic to this essence and to photography: individuality and universality, reality and fiction, uniqueness and multiplicity, presence and absence, medical photos and familiar photos.
The materiality of the work is of slides, boxes, covers, translucent surfaces, objects and glass with photographic prints and it is proposed as a (neuronal) network where the interconnection of the parts make up the work. Translucent images that absorb the space and give place to an immediate pathology.
A pathology that grows, invades and mutates.
The energies of the past of people living in distant places coexist, generating a new state from discarded objects, fossilized slides and translucent photographs that appropriate the history of the walls.
The sum of layers with marks generates a tacit volume with different stories that together create a unique and fragile body.
The construction of a new stage where traces, the hidden and the latent are the essential synapses.

Inert bodies.
Mutable surfaces.
Dependent victims with the resignation of someone who can not escape.
As you can not escape into oblivion.